Quiz: Which Type Of Poetry Are You? | Writer’s Relief

Quiz: Which Type Of Poetry Are You? | Writer’s Relief

April is National Poetry Month! We all have unique personalities that can correspond to a distinct style of poetry, whether it’s Rhyming, Free Verse, Epic, Haiku, or Sonnet. With so many different types of poetry, Writer’s Relief can’t help but wonder how some of them might match up with our individual temperaments. Take this poetry fun quiz to discover which type of poetry you are! There are no wrong answers: We all get to be a type of poetry, and what could be better than that?

Poetry Quiz: Which Type Of Poetry Are You?

What kind of walks do you take?

  1. Short and sweet
  2. Leisurely with frequent stops to point out interesting patterns in the clouds
  3. Athletic with weights on your wrists and ankles
  4. Long treks that go for miles and miles
  5. Meandering while daydreaming


What does your garden look like?

  1. Tiny garden beds separate from one another
  2. Tidy rows of complementing colors and fragrances
  3. Wildflowers scattered about freely
  4. Flowers in every possible color, shape, and height
  5. Lush, fragrant blooms that transport you


Which is your favorite movie?

  1. Ghost in the Shell
  2. The Lorax
  3. Black Panther
  4. The Godfather, all three movies!
  5. Romeo and Juliet

What do you like for breakfast?

  1. One egg and some fruit
  2. Crepes stuffed with grapes
  3. A little bit of everything!
  4. Pancakes, sausage, home fries, toast…then seconds!
  5. Heart-shaped waffles drizzled with honey


Choose your favorite bird:

  1. Hummingbird
  2. Bobbin’ Robin
  3. Goldfinch
  4. Cardinal
  5. Lovebird

If you answered mostly #1:

You’re Haiku! This short-form poetry from Japan is made up of unrhymed lines totaling seventeen syllables or fewer. These small poems are big on meaning—just like you! You can learn more about Haiku here!

If you answered mostly #2:

You’re Rhyming Poetry! You like to rhyme some of the time, and that’s perfectly okay! And while rhyming poetry may not be all the rage right now, you like keeping things old school. Good news: There are journals that do publish this poetic form.

If you answered mostly #3:

You’re Free Verse! Just because it’s free verse doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. Good free verse poetry takes skill and talent—which you have plenty of!

If you answered mostly #4:

You’re Epic Poetry! While others keep things short and sweet, you don’t like to skimp on the details—just like this narrative form of poetry. You’re the hero of your very own odyssey!

If you answered mostly #5:

You’re a Sonnet! A fourteen-line poem with a variable rhyme scheme, a sonnet is literally a “little song.” And with a little song in your heart, you’ll “count the ways” you love this form of poetry!


Question: Tell us in the comment section which type of poetry you are!